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03-08-2021 01:56 PM
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Hi, this must be something I missed.

If I as an admin create a site, containing 6 pages, how do I the use it as a webpage, without having it go to edit overtime I click on something?

When I click a menu link to a page on my site, it opens the page, but it also opens the left edit pane, and the URL goes to edit.

How do I prevent that?

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Could you give some screenshots or examples? I don't see this behavior in our Hub site. The editing tools don't appear on the main or sub pages until I click on the blue editing icon on the left side, and I am able to navigate and interact with content without issue.

You could always open the site in a private browsing window, if nothing else works.

- Josh Carlson
Kendall County GIS
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Thank you jccarlson, I have to admit that I really messed up here. Sometimes you just get blind on what your are doing, or at least I do 🙂

I pasted the edit URL inside my HTML code.

But thank you, it made me look elsewhere 🙂