ArcGIS Hub Site Custom Domain configuration issue

11-17-2023 04:16 AM
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Hello Hub community,

I have configured custom domains before on a number of site before succesfully but this one site has been challenging and I would like to check if anyone has experienced similar issue and hopefully get ideas on how to solve it.

First I have tried to apply the custom domain configuration to a properly created cname, the hub validates the doman ok, and let me save the configuration. After 24 hours the hub site has not finished the custom domain process. No certificate is created and no custom domain property is configure within the site. 

After multiple attempts configuring the a custom domain with a project's site, it now doesn't allow editing anyome, shows a 404 error. 

The site can be viewed ok, no problems there, but when clicking the edit button it shows a 404 as shown in the screenshot. Also no other page can be edited.

I've also posted a screenshot of the consol in dev tools showing a token error, which I believe could be related to the custom domain or lack of certificate. 

This is for a client project so I cannot show the urls here but I could communicate in private.

I'd really appreciate any insights.

[EDIT] I have a support ticket create.

I was able to recover the site (there was a bad url parameter on the main page data (with http:// ) after removing it the site is now editable.

Also, I have trie to reconfigure the domain once again, and like previous attempts all seems to go well and messages are green. The Site now shows the configuration applied message and asks for 24 hours.

One thing I noticed is that the site was not set to public which could be the cause for the certificate configuration to fail. Let's wait and see if this time the Let's Encrypt cert is properly applied.


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Good morning!

Thank you for reaching out to us about the custom domain. I understand that you're experiencing a problem with the site producing a 404 error while editing, and I'm sorry for any inconvenience this is causing you.

I've reviewed your request and believe that the best way to get your issue resolved is to create a support case. This will allow our support team to take a closer look at your specific situation and provide you with the best possible assistance.

To create a support case, please visit and follow the instructions.


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