ArcGIS Hub Search function in a text layout?

02-18-2018 04:43 PM
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I want to customize my ArcGIS Hub website to allow for a search function in a text box with a background.  How would I do this?  I'm assuming I would need to use html for this.  I would like to do it exactly as the example attached.  Thank you.

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by Anonymous User
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Take a look at these samples: ArcGIS Hub 

My best guess is that site was probably created by:

  • simple row and background image
  • a search card and text card
  • combination of the first sample in the above link and search bar customization.

But yes, in short you'll need to modify some CSS/HTML to get that desired effect.

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Hi Alex, 

It looks like UDOT hosted this semi-transparent image and used it as a background image for a banner card, and then checked the option to show the search bar on the banner card:


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by Anonymous User
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I was able to achieve this effect with a Banner Card + Text card and CSS.

I dont know how safe/sustainable this approach is, but this is the relevant CSS for the text card

div.jumbotron.text-center.ember-view {background: rgba(43,43,43,0.9);}
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