Add extra APIs to dataset on ArcGIS Hub?

03-12-2020 01:52 AM
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My organisation uses ArcGIS Hub to provide datasets published as open data that can be downloaded (spreadsheet, KML and shapefile) and accessed via the available APIs (GeoJSON and GeoService).

Each dataset is also published as WFS and hosted on ArcGIS Online and I want to include the WFS link on the main dataset page (I don't want to have to provide two separate dataset pages for the same dataset).

How can I add the WFS link for each dataset onto an ArcGIS Hub page? An example of a dataset is shown on this ArcGIS Hub dataset page - ideally I want to be able to add a link within the APIs section.


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I know it's been awhile and you've probably moved on from this but my thought was that you could add them directly to the summary. My organization has done this in a couple instances and seems to work well.

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