Provide more info on pages in the page management or page info panel

03-04-2021 08:03 AM
Status: Open
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When you clone a site, the pages linked to that site are cloned too. This results in many pages with the same url/name. When adding a new page to a site all you get is the page name and so it is unclear which page is which. I would like to have more info available to me so that I can distinguish which page is which (e.g. last updated, owner, original site the page was created/linked to, itemid, folder it is saved in etc.)

One workflow we have worked with is for a site that gets updated like a yearly report for changes in key indicators. We clone the current site to a new site, and then make the the changes to the cloned pages. Later we want to add the updated pages to the original hub site, while also retaining the previous years pages as a source or record. 

Changing the names of the pages requires you to go into the page info on each site, change the name and then publish the site which is time consuming when you have a number of pages. and it is still unclear which page is linked to which site, and where the name change will appear.


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