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Minimize "More Info" side panel of ArcGIS Hub by default

06-28-2021 09:20 AM
Status: Open
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As of the May update, a 'more info' side panel appears by default when apps are opened in ArcGIS Hub. For many users this information is unnecessary, and takes up valuable real estate on the page. Either hiding this by default, or having an option to hide this would be preferred, rather than the user having to hide it each time.

Inspiration taken from this post: by @BenjaminSkinner.


In our use case, our community users are opening maps, dashboards and other apps from hub pages, and are only interested in seeing the map etc. They have no interest in the additional details.


+1 - Agree.. 99% of the time I wouldn't want this panel at all. As I imagine most folks do, I make an About widget with branding and info. 1% of the time I wouldn't mind having the panel but even then I'd want it minimized by default. 


Maybe I am missing something or maybe it's a bug but they seemed to suggest this was possible to hide. But I couldn't get it to work -



Also wanted to chime in and agree with this idea. I understand users can minimize by clicking "i," but it is better minimized by default at least for apps. The "more info" side panel is unnecessary in just about every case for our instant apps, WAB, story maps and surveys. These have their own info sections that are configured. It's great to have the app open within the branded hub site however this default "more info" panel is in the way. Fortunately it is minimized on mobile devices, but the "about" and "favorites" buttons do hide the app features. Thank you for considering. 

minimalist instant app already shows configured instructionsminimalist instant app already shows configured instructions

hidden app buttonshidden app buttonsuser needs to carefully scroll screen up to see theseuser needs to carefully scroll screen up to see these


Yes, please hide this by default.


I don't imagine our users will be interested in this panel.  Also ours is a hideous colour that I can't seem to change.  I've tried changing all the colours in the theme to no avail. 

by Anonymous User

You can now control this by changing the Content Side Panel on a content type basis under the 'Interactions' settings within your Hub Site:




Thanks @Anonymous User I had missed that. That's perfect.


Does anyone know how to do this with an ArcGIS Enterprise dashboard? 


I think this idea can be closed now.

by MVP Regular Contributor

Can this be done with EXB?