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01-13-2021 08:31 AM
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I manage a Hub Site that houses 6 or 7 pages in addition to the Home page. The bottom of each page has a row of our logo + some contact info. My non-GIS supervisors like to tinker with little changes (change the numbers to italics, small stuff like that). 

The rub is that when they finally get it looking how they like it, I need to go make those changes to each of the pages on the site, save, and publish them. 

Long story short, I wish there was a way to link elements so you don't have to copy the formatting across pages. 


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We'll take this under consideration (some sort of re-usable block within your layouts is not a bad idea!) 

While we noodle on this problem, did you know the Python API can be useful for bulk operations? We have some examples here.... you could identify the row you want and the row you want to replace and bulk find replace on a number of items in a list. Would take some knowledge of scripting to do but once the tool is built would probably be easy to apply to a lot of circumstances...a site / page "find / replace" tool!


Thanks for sharing your question. In addition to @GrahamHudgins suggestions There is support for a "Footer" that is used across pages. You can use this to make a single change that is consistent.  Would the current Footer capability solve your need today?