Enable external links to download raster files

12-02-2023 10:49 AM
Status: Open
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Hub Team Folks,

First: you provide a nice platform to share data with the public. I'm a big fan of your work and I feel really grateful to have this platform.

Idea: enable or allow to provide external links or additional resources for content published on Hub sites other than Feature Services and Map Services. Per the documentation available here:

The last sentence reads:

At this time, additional resources are only supported for items that reference a feature service or a map service.

Why: publishing rasters as tiled services is a great way to provide our users instant access to really important raster layers. But these users would like to download the full resolution tiff file as well, to work on their own (clip it, classify it, etc.) We already have a zip file for all the published raster layers, so it would be easy to include it in the metadata, on the Distribution section. This way, our users may discover the tiled raster on Hub, view the raster, and click the download button provided in the metadata.

Allowing the external resources for feature or map services only is restrictive. Please, contact me if you need more information about this request.