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Enable Chat GPT search for ArcGIS Hub pages and Storymaps

04-21-2023 09:51 AM
Status: Open
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Our organization is jumping on the ChatGPT train and we are trying to implement it on a lot of our digital resources. Someone brought up that if we are hosting content on ArcGIS Hub or Storymaps, this should be searchable by ChatGPT.

We are able to feed our own content to ChatGPT to narrow where it looks for answers and it would be great if we could do that for our ArcGIS Hub sites or Storymaps as well, so that the information is more discoverable.

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I’m also interested in this @StefanieWenker . We’re trying to query data about Miami, similarly. Would love to hear about your experience and how you get the word out.


This is a terrific suggestion @StefanieWenker !  We've been researching different AI / automation technologies to integrate into ArcGIS Hub and other products. 

I'm curious to learn some example prompts you've used with ChatGPT. It's truly amazing, but there are some limitations due to training data before 2021. 

In addition to looking up information for constituents - we've also been trialing it for generating content for layouts, metadata, and multi-lingual translations. 


Esri should be working on a natural language dialogue interface for arcgis / arcpro / arcgis online !


Want to integrate ChatGPT with our primary web mapping application interface.  This AI gpt model will also be apart of the GeoForm.


I am also very interested in this.  We are trying to query Environmental Justice in our region. Would love to hear how you went about incorporating Chatgpt into your Hub.