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04-06-2021 11:11 AM
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The gallery widget should optionally support pagination.  Currently there is a16 card limit, but it is not enough.  It gives the false impression that my list has ended, when in fact it is much longer.  I want 4 cards to display with pagination exposing as many cards as there is content.

There is demand for this see thread:


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@JamiePetersen –

Thanks for your post ... we appreciate the feedback!

I'm curious to learn more about how you use the gallery card, and how and when you prefer to leverage it compared to search (example:

Would you be willing to jump on a brief call so that I can learn more about your gallery card usage and idea for pagination? Also feel free to add info here. I'm curious to learn from the community as well.


Yes, I would gladly do a call.  Below are some of my reasons for the Idea.

  • 4 cards with paging would take up less space
  • A Gallery that does not contain all the items could at least offer the last item as "See More"
  • I can save a user-click if what they want is in the Gallery
  • The Gallery has thumbnails and the Search does not
  • I get a lot of, "I didn't see it in the list".  There is an "If it is not in the list, it must not exist" perception



The reason I began this thread is that I'm using the Gallery in a non-GIS application.  I'm using it to create an archive of daily press releases on COVID-19 statistics on our COVID HUB site. I'm populating the Gallery by assigning the documents to a group. Since I can only have 16 documents in a Gallery, I am forced to create a new group every 17 days. My organization is getting cluttered by all these groups. 

It would be nice to have at least 31 items in a gallery, then I'd only have to create a new group once a month.  60 items would be even better. 

Of course, that's an unwieldy amount of items if you're thinking of Gallery as a way to showcase a few maps. 

This is an unusual case but the Gallery is a handy way to create an archive on a back page of a HUB site.