Understanding Download Telemetry

09-30-2021 02:05 PM
Esri Contributor
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Getting Started

For many years all ArcGIS Hub Sites have supported customers inputting a Google Analytics Tracking ID to view, query, and report on traffic and basic interactions. You can learn more about configuring this for your site in our documentation.

While not widely publicized, some of you might have noticed specific interactions in your sites being logged in the "Behavior" > "Events" section of Google Analytics. These events are often updated as the product evolves to ensure information is easier to query and visualize.

The May 2021 release of "Content Views" for ArcGIS Hub was more than just the largest interface update in many years, it was also the largest analytics event update which may have impacted some of your reports.

We understand this may have been a little abrupt and will do better in the future to state when event taxonomy is changing on certain features in the future.

How to View Download Telemetry

We wanted to make the ability segment download data easier and have integrated quite a few changes, including new custom dimensions we know you'll find helpful. All download events will be logged under:

Category: Engagement
Action: Download
Label: Complete

You'll find there are a few "label" options; however, "Complete" represents download activity which a user started and the application knows was completed. This means any download handled by the browser only, such as PDF downloads, won't have a "Complete" as there isn't a way for the Hub application to ever know this.

From here you can segment completed downloads by the following custom dimensions to better understand file types, item IDs, or routes:

details - this will list your file type and whether it was a cached file (ex. "CSV, Cached")
id - this will list the itemId of the downloaded item for tracking
type - this will list the ArcGIS item type which registered the download event (ex. "Feature Service")
access - this will list the sharing level of the item which was downloaded (ex. "Public")
page - this will list the route the user was on when they performed the download operation (ex. "/datasets/:id/explore")
content_org_id - this will list the orgId of the item which was downloaded, helpful in case of an Open Data implementation

We hope this is helpful and look forward to bringing most of these analytics into your content dashboards in the future.

If you'd like to learn more about Google Analytics events or how to use event reports please leverage their documentation.