Enterprise Sites Updates for 11.2 Release

11-14-2023 10:59 AM
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S-I-T-E-S. You know what that spells. ArcGIS Enterprise version 11.2 was just released last week. That means we're ready to share all of the updates that are now available in Enterprise Sites.

With ArcGIS Enterprise Sites, you can create secure and powerful web pages that can support sharing GIS data internally. Design custom sites and pages using a layout designer with a drag-and-drop interface and easily incorporate a variety of content types. Here's what's new with 11.2 (5 second read):

Site editing previews

Integration of Calcite into text card

Table of attributes shows more

Editing individual pages

Search results with meta tags

And here's the 20 second read!

Site editing previews: Site editors, you can now preview how your site and page drafts are going to appear on different devices. Select a draft display of three different screen types that represent common sizes for desktop, tablet, and mobile.



Integration of Calcite into text card: You can now use a variety of Calcite Design System components within the Text card. The templates that come with the Text card (Button, Wide Card, Cards, and Accordion) are built with Calcite components. See the Calcite link above for a table showing the specific components that are available.calcite_comp.jpg

Attribute table shows more: Take a look at the attribute table of one of your key datasets. On the full details page, Enterprise Sites well now display more information than before, such as details about the type of attribute, its description, and more.


Editing individual pages: Take advantage of more precise page editing. Site managers can have the ability to distribute page editing across a site and its editors. For example, you can grant a user access to edit individual pages without opening up access for them to edit everything on the site. 

Search results with meta tags: Think about configuring meta tags in your site settings. Doing so can optimize how your site and pages will appear in search results. If you don't know, meta tags are bits of HTML code crawled by search engine robots. Give it a try!meta_tags2.jpg

Thanks for reading. You can find all the details in the Enterprise Sites web help. 


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