esda arcgis pro?

11-07-2017 08:50 AM
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Hello everybody, I'm trying to explore the geostatistical analyst  functionalities in Arcgis Pro, but I'm not able to find the ESDA tools I'm used to use in Arc Map to perform a complete prelimiary exploratory data analysis of the data set (trend analysis, semivariogram/covariance cloud, QQ-Plot...). Can anybody help me please?

Thanks a lot

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Maybe it would be good to attend a free web course (3 hours) of "Introduction to Regression Analysis Using ArcGIS Pro" in ArcGIS Pro: 

There is an extensive help here: What is geostatistics?—ArcGIS Pro | ArcGIS Desktop 

You would probably use the Wizzard: Get started with Geostatistical Analyst in ArcGIS Pro—ArcGIS Pro | ArcGIS Desktop 

Semivariogram and Covariance can be found  here: Semivariogram and covariance functions—ArcGIS Pro | ArcGIS Desktop 

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You're very kind, but I already know what is geostatistics and what is a semivariogram. I'm just looking (in Arcgis Pro) for the old, beloved ESDA tools, implemented in the geostatistical analist functionalities of ArcMap 10.x. 

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In ArcGIS Pro, there are no explicit "ESDA tools" like there are in ArcMap.  Instead, all graphical exploration is run through charting.  Charts were first released in ArcGIS Pro 1.2, and each release, they are adding new charts.  They already have a Histogram, and in the upcoming 2.1 release, they will include a QQ Plot chart that will work both as a Normal QQ Plot and a General QQ Plot.  They will continue to implement new charts, but I can't promise when each of the ESDA tools from ArcMap will be implemented in ArcGIS Pro.

If possible, it would actually help if you could specifically say which charts you want, and how you generally use them in your day-to-day work.  There are many potential charts that can be implemented, and the more we hear from you about charts you need, the easier it is to decide which ones get made before others.

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Thank you Eric, I've seen all the potentialities of charts, but in my opinion two fundamental tools are still missing for a proper geostatistical workflow. I'm talking about the availability of preliminrary trend analysis (Trend analysis—Help | ArcGIS Desktop) and semivariogram/covariance cloud (The Semivariogram/Covariance Cloud tool—Help | ArcGIS Desktop ). These two tools allow the user to understand the presence and the structure of spatial trend (deterministic component of the studied variable that must to be removed), to explore the spatial autocorrelation of the studied variable and to check the presence of geostatistical ouliers. I think these steps could be mandatory before to start the geostatistical analyst wizard.

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I agree with @EricKrause that it would be great to see the same set of tools available in Pro.

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Hello community. Could you find the option for Semivariogram and Covariance tools in ArcGIS Pro, it is fundamental for preliminary analysis. I do not know if it is in the charts options.