Trouble accessing Websocket from GEP

08-20-2013 06:32 PM
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I want to be able to use the Simulator to serve up some mock data to GEP, and then GEP to push out JSON features to a Javascript Stream Layer. 

I decided to run through the Websockets tutorial to start from the basics (have done a number of the other tutorials).

Running 10.2 ArcGIS Server/GEP running on a Windows 7 machine (have replicated on two other machines).

Installed the SSL certificate with IE9 as per the documentation.  Using Chrome as my default browser, but have same problem in IE9.

I have encountered some issues in that the built in web socket endpoint is not receiving the messages, although the TCP console, monitor tab and Fiddler do show that the messages are being served up. 

I have broken this down to as simple as possible, by replicating it with just the simulator serving up the Trucks.csv simulation data to a standard 'Publish JSON to a web socket' output connector.  The WS endpoint does not receive any messages.

Thought it might be easier if I put my workings into a quick screencast for you to diagnose what I am doing wrong.
(You should add screencast to your list of supported embeddable vide types)

Let me know if you need anything else from me.
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Hi Simon,

This is related to a known issue with the 'Subscribe to an external Web Socket' connector at 10.2 that will be resolved in our next release. Thanks for your feedback.


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