String field not populating on ArcGIS Online

04-01-2021 10:43 AM
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I'm struggling.

I have a String field called "Active" in an ArcGIS Online Feature Service.  I need to place the word "true" or "false" into that field.

I thought I'd get all tricky and use the field calculator with the contain() function to populate it, because I could avoid using two filters and a calculate processor for both branches.  When looking at a simple tcp-text-output with the GeoEvent Logger, both true and false appear - but they don't show up in the ArcGIS Online Feature Service.  I do have them mapped correctly.  Everything else shows up - even the geometries.

I saw that the true and false in the above example did not have double-quotes around them - AND remembered that the contain() function returned a boolean.  Wondering if that was my issue, I converted that into the longer multiple filter/calculate process.  Same result.  TCP-text-output showed the true and false without quotes and the Feature Service did not receive that attribute.

Any ideas?



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