Push JSON to external website not working

03-17-2021 08:33 AM
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We are having problems trying to use the Push JSON to External Website output in a GeoEvent Service.  Our GeoEvent Server instance is running v10.8 on Windows Server 2016.

The geoevent service runs as expected and outputs json.  I have confirmed this by attaching a second output, Write to a JSON file.  The json itself is correct and complete.

The external website we need to send the json to is actually hosted locally on the same server.  Therefore I first configured the Push JSON output to call the external site at


This URL works in Postman and a web browser on the server, but the geoevent output doesn't work.

I have also configured the output to use a fully qualified URL:


This url isn't working in geoevent server either, although it does work from Postman and a browser.

GeoEvent server is configured to use our proxy server in site settings.

Am I missing a step to get this Push JSON output to work?

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Hey @GeoSolver 

There could be a number of things getting in the way here. We'll start with the first two that come to my mind:

1. You have posted that you are using http://localhost, so this should work. But if you are using https://localhost, you might want to switch to FQDN and import the certifcate used by the server into GeoEvent's ArcGIS Server.

2. The proxy server may not be working as expected.  You can verify this using the GeoEvent loggers com.esri.ges.httpclient.Http and org.apache.http.wire set to DEBUG or TRACE. They will create a large volume of data for all communications so it is best to test with just your one output running.

3. Check the media type property in your output. Default is application/json, so you might check that the other end is expecting that.

Another test you might run is to have the GeoEvent output write to another GeoEvent HTTP/JSON input.

Good luck,


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