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07-24-2018 08:12 AM
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I created an input that polls a feature service.  The input does not limit to incremental updates.  It does have a query.  I tested map service with that query and it does return features.  The service simply connects that input to a stream service output.  The monitor count in/out always shows zero.  This is my first geoevent service, so perhaps I am missing something?  See attached image.

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I fixed it.  I deleted the service and the input and then I recreated them again the same way and it started working.  When it did not work the first time, I wondered if I understood what "poll a map or feature services" meant in context of this tool. I figured if the query returns data on the rest endpoint of the feature service, it should pick it up, which now it does.  When it did not work, there were no error messages in the logs.   At that point I wanted to be able to see what was going to and from the input component, but I couldn't.  For example, there should be a way to see the HTML request and HTML response.  I couldn't even tell if the request was getting sent.  That made me want to just grab DotNet since a simple service like that would only take me about 30 minutes to build.  We need error messages and a way to debug if this tool is going to be useful.

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Apologies that no one replied to your question. Glad you got it sorted and thank you for posting a sum.  I'm not sure why the input or the GeoEvent Service you published had to be deleted and re-created. I have seen this behavior back at the 10.5 (10.5.1) release when I imported a configuration from an XML and then edited an input or output to change its name / label ... but it doesn't sound like you were doing anything like that.

A debugging technique you might want to note, for the future, is that you can set the GeoEvent Server Logging to DEBUG on 'Root' for a very short period of time to try and capture what exactly is going on. The debug logs are going to be very verbose, so you'll have to open the log file in a text editor rather than relying on the logging interface in the GeoEvent Manager web application.

You can find the kafaf.log beneath the following folder:  C:\Program Files\ArcGIS\Server\GeoEvent\data\log

In this case you would be looking for messages from the following logger:


The debugging technique would be to turn off (e.g. stop) all inputs, GeoEvent Services, and outputs you have running, delete the logs (to clear out any old messages not related to this debug session), then set logging to DEBUG on 'Root'. Start the input and check the logs for anything that looks relevant. Maybe then start the GeoEvent Service and output and check the logs again. Be sure to set logging back to INFO for 'Root' as soon as you can so you do not continue to collect messages in the log file (particularly for every request over the HTTP wire - there will be a lot of those).

In this case the DEBUG logs for the FeatureServiceInboundTransport were a little help. Here's a snapshot; setting the logging to DEBUG for only the one logger made it reasonable to use the GeoEvent Manager's log viewer:

GeoEvent Log Messages

What I did for the test was leave the input's default query expression set to 1=1 to confirm that feature records were being polled. Then I changed the query expression to look for only records whose gf_imported attribute was equal to zero, so that I could see the warning that the query expression excluded all available features.

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- RJ

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RJ, Very helpful.  Thank you.

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