Kafka topic replication factor only 1 - how to increase?

07-11-2018 05:18 PM
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I am attempting to set up a multi-machine GeoEvent system. Currently I only have two machines and hope to be getting a third online. The issue I am having is that there is no replication occurring, even though zookeeper sees both machines (screenshot below). The top cmd windows are from machine 01, and the bottom from machine 02.


As you can see (or not see, that img might be too small) zookeeper is reporting that there are two machines ([1002, 1001]), yet the topic (one of many Outputs that I have) is not replicating to 1002. How can I get that replication factor to 2 as it should be?

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Appears it is that one Output that is having an issue. Comparing to another Output that is replicating ok in screenshot below. I am going to try to recreate the Input/Output/Service trio in geoevent and see if this old one was just corrupt.


So deleting and re-creating the Output now has the ReplicationFactor at 2 (as reported from both machines).

Still not sure why it was stuck at ReplicationFactor of 1 at first. Now going to check all of my input and outputs to make sure replication is occurring.


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