Handling GeoEvents with null values

10-26-2020 06:51 AM
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I have a field calculator processor for converting x,y-fields to geometries. The expression is: '{' + ' "x":' + POINT_X + ',' + ' "y":' + POINT_Y + ',' + ' "spatialReference":{"wkid":3021} }'

However for some GeoEvents the x,y values are null and and error is thrown in the log, see below.

How can I convert the null values to 0.0?

Preferably all events would have a position, but they don't, and I get so many errors in the log that other important information is hard to find, so it would be better to change the null values to 0.0.

Expression ['{' + ' "x":' + POINT_X + ',' + ' "y":' + POINT_Y + ',' + ' "spatialReference":{"wkid":3021} }'] evaluation failed: operator+(arg0:[NonGroup], arg1:[NonGroup]) evaluation failed because of GeoEvent field 'POINT_X' of type [Double] and value 'null' cannot be used as an argument arg1:[NonGroup]

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Hi Bjarke Thormann‌,

in this case I think using two filters is the easiest option. Maybe it it not the most elegant way, cause you need a positive and a negative filter but it is going to solve your problem. 

Positive Filter is just checking if you have a valid geometry and is processing the field calculator like you described. Negative Filter would check if no geometry is available, in this case you could use a copy of you field calculator that is using hardcoded coordinates (0.0./0.0) instead of X/Y. 

Like I mentioned, its not so elegant but will work.



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Thank you! I guess that's how to do it.


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Re: Handling GeoEvents with null values

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