GeoEvent server output connectors do not increment

12-01-2020 01:05 AM
New Contributor

I am exploring functionalities in GeoEvent server following the tutorials in Tutorial - Introduction to GeoEvent Server.

The exercise includes simulating flight data using GeoEvent simulator using tcp-text-in input connector and exporting it to GeoEvent logger tcp-text-out output connector. The thing is though the input connector counter increments as stream data is received, the output connector still counts 0 and no output is displayed on GeoEvent logger.

The screenshot attached illustrates the problem.

I tried to inspect the logs, I found multiple RECEIVED UNAVAIVLBLE ADAPTOR message displayed in the log. I can't figure out what I have done wrong or why this in happening.

Another thing is the input connector counter increments only after about one minute of streaming a single record at nearly constant rate no matter how fast the data is streamed. I don't know if this should be the normal case as I expect them to have the same count.

I am really thankful if somebody could help me with this issue.

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