Connect Geoevent to Azure Blob Storage

03-12-2020 08:20 AM
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I am trying to write output JSON files from geoevent to an Azure Blob Storage for Analysis and ELT outside of the ESRI world. I was able to register my ADLS container as a "Big Data Store" with the server behind geoevent, but it is not avaliable to geoevent. Additionally, I have not had any luck trying to set up a custom connector with Oauth configured to push to the Blob storage container. On the Azure side, I have my app registrations all set up, permissions configured correctly, etc... 

Has anyone used Azure blob storage directly through the ADLS API as an output in geoevent?

I see some people were using IoT hub at one point, but it looks like that project got scuttled based on it being absent from the Geoevent gallery and the Git commits haven't been updated in a while.

This seems like something that should be a common sense feature in this time and era with S3 and ADLS becoming the backbone of analytics everywhere.

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