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Stream Services, Store Latest, and Related Features

01-03-2017 08:53 AM
Esri Regular Contributor
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Hello Everyone --

I've recently completed three short videos which illustrate how to use stream services and capabilities related to stream services -- specifically 'Store Latest' and 'Related Features' which were never covered in the product tutorial available on line.

We are working on updating the tutorial's exercises and narrative to be consistent with these new videos, but I don't want to hold the videos until the tutorial re-write is complete. (The videos will eventually be bundled with the tutorial for download.)

The basic stream service capability provided by GeoEvent did not change with the ArcGIS 10.5 product release. However, some minor changes in behavior were made with regard to 'Store Latest' when working within different enterprise configurations, such as single-machine vs. multi-machine and when you have federated with a Portal for ArcGIS vs. when you have not federated with a Portal.

Enhancements to the 'Related Features' configuration workflow now allow you to select the feature service from which related features will be obtained (rather than having to manually enter the URL of an existing feature service).

Three MP4 files have been attached to this blog.  Please check-out the videos -- they are each only 10 to 15 minutes. Let the team know (e-mail if you think bundling a short video with a less detailed tutorial is an approach which works for introducing product updates and documenting product functionality.

Best Regards --