Interested in incorporating schedule data into your GIS and ArcGIS GeoBIM?

03-16-2022 10:01 AM
by Anonymous User
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Recently, our ArcGIS GeoBIM development team created a Learning Path to help users understand how they can bring scheduling activities from third party sources into their GIS to link to features and BIM documents in ArcGIS GeoBIM. @KachyNwobi @JonathanSalomon and @ACheuvront cover these important steps with examples to help understand:


  1. An introduction on the process covering data model considerations
  2. Adding schedule data into your GIS layers in ArcGIS Pro
  3. Linking schedule data to GIS features in ArcGIS GeoBIM
  4. Visualizing this project data over time with the Time Slider widget in GeoBIM
  5. Finding related features and BIM documents from schedule activities

If you're interested in learning more on these topics, check out this new learn path:

Bring your Schedule, GIS, and BIM projects together in ArcGIS GeoBIM