Integration of SQL server data (non SharePoint lists) with ESRI Maps for Sharepoint

06-10-2015 08:24 AM
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Hi everyone. Wondering if any of you have experience integrating tabular data directly from SQL Server into ESRI maps for Sharepoint? At my organization there has been a shifting focus towards the “big data” movement and business intelligence. We are a Microsoft shop here, so we’ve already begun leveraging tools such as Excel, Sharepoint and SQL Server for our BI efforts internally. But we are lacking in the area of integrating maps with our SSRS reports. We would like for users to be able to create and share maps using data from SQL server (crime data from our police records management system is one example) and published ArcGIS services or shapefiles. Has anyone mastered this type of integration before without having the tabular data pre-staged in SharePoint lists? Or does ESRI Maps for Sharepoint only allow the mapping of data from existing SharePoint lists? Thanks!

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