Automating sharing/ updating when the CRM data changes

06-13-2014 04:40 AM
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Within Esri Maps for Dynamics CRM there's a possibility to share map and/or layers into ArcGIS Online. These maps/layers can be manually updated and republished, but is there a way to automate or schedule the process?

E.g. customer data geocoded on an Esri Map and then shared into ArcGIS Online as a feature service. If someone happens to know if this feature service could be then updated every time the CRM data changes or scheduled to run the updates for example every night. I believe that in theory this would be possible using the Rest Api the shared service uses.. Has anyone ran into similar requirement?

Any suggestions or ideas are more than welcome! Thanks!

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Unfortunately, there is no way to automate the sharing of the map/layer at this time. However, that is a great suggestion for an enhancement.
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