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Outdated map info Norway

01-07-2020 12:50 AM
New Contributor

From 2020 a lot of municipalities and counties merged in Norway. Borders in maps are therefore wrong when you use municipality name as location in the Power BI ArcGis map. When will this be updated? And is there a work around? What is the source that determines the location?

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I am experiencing the same issue with the admin boundaries in the UK. These also recently changed but the geocoding server (e.g. when using location value as district polygon) still returns older boundaries. I think it would be useful if 1) boundaries could be updated and 2) some metadata is available on the currency of the admin boundaries.

Scott Sandusky Anthony Latini‌  - Any advice please.?

Thanks a lot.

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Esri Regular Contributor

Hello all,

    If you are still running into this issue, could you please provide me with a PBIX where you were able to reproduce the issue? A step by step guide would also assist me in getting to the bottom of this.

Keep on keeping on!
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