Filter an AGOL layer with information in Power BI

08-23-2023 07:49 AM
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Good morning,

I have a dashboard in Power BI, using ArcGIS for Power BI, with:

+ Data:
  - Imported from 1 Excel spreadsheet (Equipamentos_Publicos / public_equipment)

+ Map (ArcGIS for Power BI):
  - Layer with Excel data (Coordinates / equipamentos_publicos / public_equipment)
  - Layer with data from an AGOL feature layer (Equipamentos Públicos / Public Equipment)

ArcGIS for Power BI - 01.png


How can I filter the data layer of AGOL (Equipamentos Públicos / Public Equipment), through the 'Categorias' (Categories) field that is in the data layer (public_equipment) of Excel?

ArcGIS for Power BI - 02.png

Thank's a lot!


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Hi @Diego_Mendes_Rodrigues 

I think what you are looking for is to join the data layers from Power BI with the Data from ArcGIS Online. IN which case this documentation will guide you through how to do this: Join layers—ArcGIS for Microsoft 365 | Documentation

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