Geocode SharePoint List using Power Automate Workflow

05-16-2022 02:25 PM
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Hello Everyone,

I am just trying out a workflow where I use the Power Automate ArcGIS Flow connector to geocode a SharePoint list that includes full addresses. I have found limited documentation on how to accomplish this (mainly the steps are in many different documentation articles and the in-between steps are missing). Has anyone tried this and found a simple workflow. Also, there are 600 records so to avoid a timeout I have to use the iterative function from this post: Another question i have is how many credits from my AGOL account will this use and is there a way to calculate or check this ahead of time?

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Hi @FrancisHourigan1 --

Thanks for reaching out to us. We value your feedback and we will make sure to address your questions/concerns/enhancement requests within the next 1-2 releases. Regarding the enhancement request to provide estimated credits that will be consumed when a flow containing an ArCGIS connector is run by an end user, we have received similar requests from our end users and I can assure you that we will try to address this as soon as possible.

With regards to steps on how to use the "Find Address" ArcGIS Connector for Power Automate, I am attaching the below screenshots showing a flow I have set up to geocode a SP list with 600+ records.


Overall flow:





Each step explained:

Get items from SP list



Initialize variable



"Do until"






I create the SP list with columns "longitude", "latitude" and "Status" (from an Excel table). The flow will populate the "longitude" and "latitude" columns and the "status" column is used to iterate the flow to process more than 150 records (avoid time out issue). The excel table used for creating the SP list has the column "status"  populated with the value "Processed" and this will allow the flow to run until it cannot find any records with the status="Processed".


Hope this helps.


Let me know if you have any additional questions.


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I also wanted to share a simpler Power Automate flow which can geocode a SP list way faster than what I had shared earlier. 












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@FrancisHourigan1  The credit cost is the same across the system, so every 1,000 records geocoded will cost 40 credits. Power Automate will use the services you configured in your flow, and will run based on your triggers. For detailed information on premium services and credits, please review the following site.

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Hi @FrancisHourigan1 - We have published a Power Automate template to geocode Sharepoint lists. The template can be accessed/downloaded using the below link. Let me know if you have any questions.