Cannot Add Excel Data to Map

11-21-2022 05:52 AM
New Contributor

I've been using the ArcGIS for Excel tool for a few months without any issues until last Thursday. Since that point, each time I try to add/display excel data on my map, it won't display the data.  It looks like the data is loaded to my layer list and then instant disappears.  I've repaired and reloaded the shapefiles to my ArcGIS Online profile, I've uninstalled and reinstalled the ArcGIS for excel tool, reconfirmed my data, even reloaded new data and shapefiles, but nothing is working now. I've been working with essentially the same data for a few months without any issues so I don't know what has changed. I can load in shapefiles from my ArcGIS online account without any problems, it's only when trying to add the data from excel.  Here's the info from the tool debugger: 


Any suggestions on how to make this work again?

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