Synchronizing Error to server 10.3.1

09-24-2015 11:44 AM
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We are receiving an error while trying to sync updates from feature services on our 10.3.1 server.  Is this an known issue?  Have there been any solutions or work around implemented?  The error is "Error Processing Server Request"


Carlos Porras

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Don Kuehne​ and Edvin Eriksson​: The date field seems to have caused issues for me as well. I have a two-way replica that is no longer syncing changes properly. The common thread is with our DATE_MODIFIED field, which is a date field that allows NULL values. Any record that does not have time included in data fails to synchronize. The editor on the child side is using Attribute Assistant, so any edits that he makes are automatically stamped with a date and time. On the parent side, we have been manually typing in a date in mm/dd/yyyy format and not field calcing the system date/time. All of the records edited using the manual entry method are failing to sync. I field calced a few of those records with system date/time, but those records still failed to synchronize the changes. Also, we deleted a feature on the parent side and it is not deleting on the child side upon synchronization.

Our system details:

Window Server 2008 R2 Enterprise


ArcGIS 10.3.1

SQL Server 2012

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I am still curious.  Did the ArcMap and Web Viewer Edits you performed "stick"?  For example I've seen feature services where the web viewer allows me to move features and change attributes in an edit mode.  Or at least the appearance of a successful edit,  but once the data in the browser is refreshed from server with a pan or zoom I can see the edits did not actually get committed to the database and everything pops back to where it was before my "edit".  ....which would point back to server rather than AFA.

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