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Line geometry incorrect when selected

06-15-2023 03:33 PM
New Contributor III

In web applications, as anyone ever seen selected line geometry appear different from the symbology display? I've included Image1 for reference. In the snippet, I clicked the blue line labeled "2 W", the cyan line is the selected feature being displayed differently (additional vertices & varying offsets along the single line).

Originally, my linework has come from AutoCAD. I tried publishing from ArcPro 3.1, ArcMap 10.8, exported the lines from CAD to SHP, exported the lines in GIS from DWG to SHP, lastly, I exploded the line, which isn't preferred because it becomes many individual segments instead of 1 utility line, then merged those back together. That option works better, but it still displays imperfectly when selected. Image2 shows that version.

To make the scenario even more odd, everything displays correctly if I select from w/in AGOL Map Viewer or Map Viewer Classic, but not on my deployed online web application.

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Esri Contributor

Hello Kara,

Apologies on the delayed response. I understand you are working with CAD data however, I believe from the information provided there is a filter or setting in this self deployed web application that is misfiring on the feature layer.

I am not sure how we can move your topic to another community section, like ArcGIS Online to start, but another suggestion might be to contact Esri Technical Support for assistance here too.

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