web map created from Pro not able to collect data in Field map

04-21-2022 04:19 PM
New Contributor

I am trying to create a  map to be used by Field Maps by using ArcGIS Pro, essentially following the tutorial 

But with the same tables/relations we have created in Enterprise GeoDatabase,

- ArcMap seems to be able to publish a Web Service then create a Web map. The resulted map can be used in Field Maps and collect data for features into related table. 

- ArcGIS Pro: i have tried various approaches like 1) Share a Web Map (ensured feature layer is editable), 2) publish a Feature Map Layer first then create a Web Map (with configs changes), but at the end, the result map just can not collect data for the selected features! It can see the related table for the features, but always misses the Add button to collect the new data. 

Any idea how could this happen?  

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