Utilizing photos collected in Field Maps

12-04-2020 09:08 AM
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Myself and members of my organization collected a bunch of data points on a company outing using the Field Maps app.  These point features included photos and a few other attributes.  I'd like to view these images in ArcPro, and eventually create a dynamic map where those images and attributes can be viewed in a StoryMap outside our organization.  I have yet to find a way to get to the photos outside of the Field Map app itself.  I'm a relative novice to the ArcOnline and Field Maps applications, but have moderate skill in ArcPro.


Any help is greatly appreciated!  Thank you, Tim

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Hi @TimSolomonson - this article may help you in how to extract photos from attachments in ArcGIS Pro. You will need to export the feature Ωservice as a FileGDB first. Then you should be able to use the photos directly within your story maps.

You could consider using the layer in an ArcGIS Dashboard as well. Dashboards will recognize attachments directly.

Hope this helps!

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Extracting photos in another tool is not an acceptable solution. The Field-Maps app should simply save Jpegs to the phones photo memory. We really need this feature. The photos should not be locked up in the Arc ecosystem. #FreeTheJpegs and update the app to just save a copy of the jpegs to the phone's camera roll. Then we can use our own photo mgmt software without using a bunch of BS tools just to get access to our own photos. Thanks.