Using multiple shapefiles with related inspection workflow table?

12-30-2021 11:36 AM
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Hi All,

Hoping someone might be able to help me figure this one out. I've been pulling my hair out in the meantime.

I have been attempting to set up an inspection workflow using Field Maps. I was previously able to successfully create a Field Maps survey form using a single shapefile related to multiple related tables (as there are a couple inspections for the single feature layer) and all records show up in the related table a-ok. 

However, I have not been able to successfully relate the two when there are multiple shapefiles related to a single inspection table. I am able to construct the form and utilize it, but none of the records show up in the related table (quite frustrating!) 

Perhaps this is not even possible? Does Field Maps only have the capability to successfully relate a single shapefile (even if it is to multiple related tables)?


Hopefully this is enough information to see if there's something I'm doing wrong but I'm happy to share data if needed to figure this out. 


Thank you Esri Community!!!

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