Field Maps Workflow Examples

01-03-2022 04:57 PM
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I am working on developing a workflow for a project that has previously used Survey123 to simply collect data in the field. After the first year of using Survey123 it has come to our attention that we need a way to now migrate to a platform and workflow that will allow people to go out into the field and address some of the issues that were and will be captured using Survey123. We would still like to keep our Survey123 forms to keep data collection consistent, but we need something more powerful to develop reports, work assignments, and email notifications when certain things are noted in the field. I think that FieldMaps is promising. 

One issue with migrating is that we have about 50 volunteers that use the Survey123 app and I believe that they cannot use FieldMaps for free. If they cannot, we thought about keeping Survey123 for the volunteers and FieldMaps for select "super users".

I was wondering if people could share their workflow experiences or how they have set it up? I am particularly interested in how people generate reports for work crews and/or work assignments and then how they clear those features. Do you create a field that allows field workers to identify if the sight has been addressed or not? Also, we are consistently re-surveying areas and would like to keep records over time for the same sites, so we do not want to erase features or data affiliated with them.

I am also looking at ArcGIS Workflow and Insights, but it seems like some of this can just be accomplished using WebHooks and the Integromat app. 

Please let me know if this makes sense.

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