Using Arcade Expression to Validate that input value exists in another feature class

05-04-2023 08:39 AM
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I have a scenario where I am looking to implement a fairly simple data collection workflow and would prefer not to have to use Survey123 or Field Maps to Survey123 Combo to force data validation.

We have 160K (we will call them Facility IDs) which need to be input when a user captures new locations in the field. Up to 4 shots on and around the property would need to have this ID. Which will then define the "Field Asset ID"   = Facility ID + "Type of feature caught". 

A spatial pull or proximity pull from an adjacent point or polygon would not work as it could result in a false positive. 

Can Aracde expression be used to 

1) Validate that the input value exists in another table? If it exists it validates if it does not it will not allow the user to continue.

2) Can arcade expression be used to refine what acceptable values can be placed in this "FACILITY ID" field based upon inputs in other FIELDS in the Field Maps form? For example. Typing in House No + Street Name to refine the list of valid values.

3) One would assume that having a coded domain table of 160,000 records would prob not be the best idea 🙂

This could be accomplished with a json java what have you or a lookup csv table in Survey123. And yes there is a map component there in. I want to avoid the Survey123 route as this is primarily a map-centric workflow and swapping between Field Maps and Survey123 or using Survey123 alone (given our field crew level of experience) not the best user experience.

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