Use Tilt Compensation when collecting location?

07-08-2021 08:31 AM
by Anonymous User
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I have a GNSS receiver that can do tilt compensation and want to be able to use that feature in data collection. I use Trimble Mobile Manager to get a high accuracy location from the receiver, which then provides the location for Field Maps.


I know in Field Maps you can enter the antenna height, and it seems like Field Maps will just subtract the antenna height from the elevation Trimble Mobile Manager provides to calculate the elevation of the point. However, it doesn't appear as if there's anyway to take advantage of the tilt compensation - Trimble Mobile Manager doesn't know the antenna height, it only knows where the receiver is. And Field Maps doesn't seem to be able to account for the tilt.


Is there any way to collect data through Esri (Collector, Field Maps, whatever) and be able to take advantage of tilt compensation?


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