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Use Arcade to get data from DTM Imagery Layer

06-11-2024 11:38 AM
New Contributor

I have a Web Map in ArcGIS Online that contains a point layer and a DTM Imagery Layer with Elevation data. This imagery layer is from ESRI, from the browse to add layers tool. On the point layer, I have a Field Maps form, and I would like to use Arcade to auto-fill a field of the point feature with the elevation data from the Imagery Layer at that location.

I found a similar question here: but it's not quite the same, though I don't have much hope from the result of that question.

The alternative option would be to use Pro after the points have been created, and use a script or certain tool to do the same thing. Would either of these options be possible?

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Esri Contributor
Currently, Arcade can only access layer data from a Feature, FeatureSet, or FeatureSetCollection. To autofill elevation values using Arcade in forms, ensure your data is stored in one of these formats.

Ben Beattie
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