Unable to Open. Invalid Argument.

01-05-2023 10:40 AM
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Has anybody gotten this error when trying to open a map in Field Maps?  For some it opens fine, for others not so much...




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I got this error today. Same exact thing. Some maps work but others throw this error. Still trying to sort out the problem. 

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I had the same issue at my organization. Its a shame it doesn't give more detail than just - "Unable to Open. Invalid Argument". 

We fixed it by deleting the field maps folder in iOS (make sure there are no other pending edits on any offline enabled maps) and re-installing the application. 


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the first time I saw this I was still developing the web map, so I just rebuilt it.

this AM our field staff reported seeing the error; in the office, the map was fine.

I had field staff delete/reinstall Field Maps and they report it's back in order

thanks @gis_KIWI4 for the tip!

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