Sync Failed - Request Forbidden

02-03-2022 03:10 PM
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I am attempting to sync an offline area. I am receiving the General Error - Request Forbidden on one of my devices. Three other devices for the same area do not have this issue. What is the solution for this and what could be the cause? 


I am now receiving this error on another device for a different offline area that until today had no issue syncing.

In the logs it is showing the following.


For one of the areas, I was able to follow the first portion of the following instructions and get the data sync'd to the AGOL Feature Layers.

How To: Access offline edits from ArcGIS Field Maps directly from an iOS device (


However I am receiving the following error in Pro when attempting to sync the other area.






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Was there a solution or workaround for this?

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@AC13 there was no solution from ESRI. I ended up having to pull the mobile gdbs from the devices directly. Determine what had been synced to the main hosted feature layer and append the data from the mobile gdb back to the hosted feature layer.

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