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Unable to delete features in Field Maps

04-07-2023 07:05 AM
New Contributor III

I can however delete the same data in the web app. Data is stored in a hosted feature layer. I get a JSON error when trying to delete any feature in Field Apps version 23.1.0. 

What are some things I can check? If I remember correctly, a JSON error is sometimes related to the object ID? I've already checked the configurations in the Web Map to make sure that features can be deleted. 




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New Contributor II

I am having the exact same issues.  I can delete in the webmap and in Collector but get this error in Field Maps on iOS and android.  Did you find any solution?

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MVP Notable Contributor

I am still able to delete features in Field Maps 23.1.0 on iOS.

Are you logging into Field Maps with the same credentials that you are using in the web map?


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