Can I create a fieldmap without the 'create a feature layer' in ArcOnline and without publishing privileges?

05-05-2023 06:23 AM
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So I want to create a field map for my team to use however, it is not possible for to locate the create a feature layer option on ArcGIS Online. I go into My Content, and the only two buttons are New Item and New App, and when I click on them absolutely nothing about a feature layer comes up.

I tried making it using ArcGIS Pro, however I cannot publish web maps or web layers as I do not have publishing privileges.

Also, fieldmaps designer does not give me the option to create a new map.

Is there anyyy other way I can create a field map? One where my team can add data when they open the app?

Unfortunately I am in a bit of a time crunch so its not great for me to contact my administrator.


Also, what is the point of giving the option to not give someone publishing rights.... dont get that

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Do you know which user type your account has been assigned? Sounds like you might only be a viewer in which case you will have to contact your administrator to get your user type changed/ask for additional privileges.

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Unfortunately, if you don't have publishing permissions assigned to your account, there really isn't a way around it! You'll just have to contact your ArcGIS Online admin and let them know that you need to publish but don't have the permissions to do it.

Field Maps itself doesn't have a way to create a map - this has to be done in the Web Map options in ArcGIS Online.

If you're in a time crunch - you probably would be able to just save a blank Web Map and share that to Field Maps - it wouldn't have any data in it, but the Field Workers would be able to upload and post data to it (as long as they have editing rights). And then you could add the feature layer information at a later date.

Good luck with the project!

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