Trouble downloading offline areas - Issue likely with feature layer form

05-20-2023 07:49 PM
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Bear with me as I'm very new to all this and somewhat inept; any jargon/technical language will likely go way over my head. I've been having issues downloading offline areas. In working through the troubleshooting process:

- Both my map and feature layer (only layer on the map) have been enabled for offline usage.

- I have tried downloading areas from both browser and from the app

- I was able to republish the feature layer from ArcGIS Pro, add it to a map, and download offline areas without issue.

- This leads me to believe that there is some issue with the form that I have created for the feature layer.

--- I believe all the codes match the field types?


Here is the error message I got:


Message 16/17: Generate geodatabase: Failed: "Job error 22 Propagated error. Error while handling generate geodatabase job status. Job error -1 Service error code 500. Unable to create replica. Please check your parameters.
Exporting data for layer 0 failed."

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Hi Christopher, 

We have had similar issues in the past.
Some were fixed by saving another copy of the webmap.
Some were fixed by disabling and re-enabling sync on the feature layer.

The most recent one was a curly one and we found if the fieldname (not the display name) is greater than 31 characters then the offline area doesn't download. 

Can you try looking at the schema and see if this solves your issue. It would be interesting to see if that is the case with you too. 

I recently posted about this here -



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I tried your suggestions and changed all fieldnames to 10 characters or less. No luck unfortunately. I'll probably just use a different app for data collection at this point. Thank you for the suggestions, much appreciated!!

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