Configure related records field that is displayed

05-22-2023 07:16 AM
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In Field Maps, we have configured related records (using related tables) for our data collection.

In the app, the records show like this (see image attached). We are wondering how to configure it so that the records are displayed by the date, not the field whose answer is Y for example, as displayed.

I have configured the pop-up in ArcGIS Online Visualization to show date first, but this has not fixed the issue.


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I was just looking at the same thing myself - the default wasn’t very helpful.

After a bit of trial and error, it looks like it uses the Title field configured in the web map for the related table. 
I was able to add some text and a couple of field values and they were then displayed in Field maps for the related records. The dialogue looks like it will also support an attribute expression if you want to get fancy…


I hope that helps,.IMG_0899.jpeg