Trimble R1 issue… reset possible?

08-31-2021 01:44 PM
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My R1 will only turn on intermittently.


If I plug the USB to power, I can push the button.  Sometimes it looks like a normal start a routine .  I’ll get with the green, blue, amber.  Sometimes  I just get two very bright amber. 


I figured let me hook it up to windows 10 firmware.   It detects it and has a number… I continue on..One time it said reading or checking configurations and it said I couldn’t update …so I am unplugged to try again…that time it said it couldn’t check the configuration.

It just sounds like it’s corrupted. Is there a reset as I know there are for other Trimble by holding the button down a certain number of seconds or anything like that with this?  I tried holding the button, but didn’t get LED flashes even after a minute.



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@hometech99 , I'm assuming youve already posted with the Trimble community and contacted your dealer? Hopefully someone on here with R1 experience can offer better advice.

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