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Tracking surveys while still collecting data points and polygons

06-01-2022 03:02 PM
by Anonymous User
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In 2019, I used AGOL and Collector to create a survey tracks and I could add points and polygons as part of the data while still collecting the survey track.

I can't seem to get this to work at my new job.

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In 2019 they pulled out tracking from ArcGIS Collector into a separate app called Tracker for ArcGIS. I believe there was a few reasons for this, including better performance / running in background.

ArcGIS Collector has also been retired on iOS and Android (don't use Windows if you can). They released ArcGIS Field Maps, which will combine the map-centric mobile applications including Explorer, Tracker and Collector.

So you need to use ArcGIS Field Maps and set up tracking for your organization.

Last link has some additional resources to get started for using the location tracking capability in ArcGIS Field Maps. 


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