Subsurface Positioning Device

05-04-2022 08:17 PM
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Hello all,

I am a stormwater engineer looking for a solution.

Essentially, the organisation I work for maintain close to 1200km of underground drainage. This network is mapped through GIS however often what we find on site is considerably different to what is on GIS.

We have CCTV crews who send carts down pipes to conduct condition assessments. Ideally, we will have these crews complete condition assessments of the entire network over 10+ years. While they are capturing footage, I would like to simultaneously update our drainage alignments on GIS.

In short; I am after a piece of hardware that can be attached to the CCTV cart and sent through pipes to record information like XYZ coordinates exportable to GIS. Is this technology something you know of? The issue is once the device becomes sub-surface, it can no longer connect to satellites and needs to have its own positioning system of sorts.



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I recall CUES has a system like this. It allows the crawler to collect XYZ using GPS as it makes its way down/up the pipe: CUES, Inc. - Sewer Inspection Camera and Equipment Manufacturer (

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Thank you Tim! I have sent an RFI. Fingers crossed.