Submission Error Feature isn't valid

04-06-2022 12:05 PM
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We have created several point layers with multiple fields and conditional formatting. We are unable to submit a completed form and cannot figure out the cause. T

Thru web maps we get no error, but nothing happens when you click the create button. 

The attached error message is what appears when we try to submit a point in iOS.

On an android device, you can submit a form but the point & data disappears.

We have also tried to add data through ArcPro but can not add a point.

We have checked the settings and permissions are at a lost besides completely recreating the forms. 

Does anyone have other ideas? 

Thank you


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Have you figured out what the issue was? I'm receiving the same generic error message, and I don't know what's causing it.

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No, we recreated teh form and the issue resolved itself.

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