Some points in a feature class do not appear in Field Maps, but do appear in Collector

10-06-2022 07:17 AM
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Hi y'all,

I'm encountering a strange error with some tree survey data and wanted some advice. We are collecting several thousand tree locations (~4,000) and adding data to them. Users are collecting and updating tree locations on an iPad. This issue is occuring on multiple iPads; the one I tested this on was an iPad Air 5th gen version 15.6.1. When users open Field Maps on any of our iPads to edit some of the attributes of these trees in the field, a handful of trees do not appear in the map at all. This occurs no matter how far one zooms in. 

The thing is... the trees DO appear in ArcGIS Online and in Collector. You can look at a tree in AGOL (Picture 1 - see both tree 150As) or Collector, then zoom to that exact spot in iPad Field Maps... and it isn't visible. In fact, it even works on Field Maps on my Android phone (Picture 2, both 150As are visible). It just doesn't show up in Field Maps in iPad (Picture 3, both 150As are gone).

Things I've checked:

  • Geometry: All of the features have appropriate geometry i.e. none of them have "null" geometry.
  • Coordinates: All of the features have expected XY coordinates i.e. none of them are showing up at 0, 0 or something like that.
  • Field Maps update: It appears to be updated on the given iPad, and most of the iPads staff are using in the field are fairly new.
  • Re-upload: I downloaded the tree points geodatabase and reuploaded it to Field Maps in a new web map. The issue still persists.

Has this happened to anyone before? 

Thanks in advance!

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Hi KarenGouws_CRI, unfortunately I do not have new insights to add other than the fact that I am experiencing this same issue and it has me stumped. One of our published maps is displaying perfectly in Portal and as an import into ArcPro. However on Android and on our iPads features are "missing". 

Cycling the iPad's network connectivity did not seem to do anything. The error occurs 90% of the time, while the other 10% it loads more of the features but not entirely.

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Did you ever resolve this issue? Have you tried restarting the ArcGIS DataStore?

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Same thing is happening to me - all points show up fine in AGOL, Collector and ANDROID Field's just Field Maps on the iOS devices that seems to have this issue. I used to have an android device I could switch to but not any more. Really could use a fix for this! 

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