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Smart Form Groups and Conditional Expressions don't work with existing features

12-11-2020 10:43 AM
New Contributor

I have used the online Smart Form builder to:

- group fields/questions and

- create conditional expressions that only show a question if the previous one was answered 'Yes'.  

This works fine in the web map and in the mobile app (Android) as long as the feature is newly created.  However, when I click on an existing feature to update (which is the purpose of this app), the form lacks all groups and expressions.  

Am I missing a setting somewhere, or is this expected at this point?


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by Anonymous User
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Hi @JSteinGeo  

Thank you for sharing this feedback.

I would like to understand more about how you've configured the smart form so that I can test this scenario on my end. 

In general, smart forms configured through Field Maps Web should apply to new and existing features in Field Maps on the mobile device. 

Would you be able to share your web map with me?

If so, please share the web map/feature services to a group and invite the ArcGISFieldMaps user to that group. 

Thank you


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